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Claddagh Scholarship Program (CSP)
Scholarship Name Claddagh Scholarship Program (CSP)
Academic Year 2021
Scholarship amount €5,000
Nationality Any

Value: €5,000
You must hold an offer letter to UCC to be eligible for this scholarship

The Claddagh Scholarship Program (CSP) is an initiative aimed at fostering closer links between Ireland and China by encouraging Chinese students to choose Ireland as a study destination. Supported by the national government of Ireland through its agency Education in Ireland, the program was launched in 2015 and has since then achieved great success and helped many students on their education journeys.  
The ‘claddagh’ ring is a long enduring Irish symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. It is therefore fitting to represent the support offered by Ireland and its institutions of higher learning for visiting Chinese students. The CSP offers support by means of partial or full waivers of tuition fees.
In 2019, 12 Irish institutions provided over 1.5 million Euro in tuition fee support for visiting Chinese students. This covered hundreds of students across a range of academic fields from foundation to postgraduate level and doctorate degrees. The program covers a diverse range of subjects including environmental science, engineering, business, social sciences and computer science amongst others.
● The Claddagh scholarship program was established specifically for Chinese students perusing education in Ireland

● With support from the Irish government the program has grown to include 12 institutions, including institutes of technology, private colleges and all universities

●Since its inception, the scholarship has grown significantly and in 2020/21 will award over 1.5 million euro to 250 incoming Chinese students, that indicates 1 in 10 Chinese students in Ireland were receiving an award from the program

●Awards available at foundation, undergrad, postgrad and Ph.D. levels. Across over 100 courses and all disciplines

●Successful recipients of scholarships will be invited to attend an awards ceremony before their departure for Ireland.
Scholarships offered by the College of Business and Law for academic year 2021/22:

  • 1 x  scholarship of €5000 for the Business School 
  • 1 x scholarship of €5000 for the Law School 

Requirements *

Hold an offer letter to UCC

Evaluated on a competitive basis

Terms & Conditions 

  • The scholarships can be availed for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes of the College (but noting that only 2 in total are available irrespective of whether they are used for undergraduate and/or postgraduate programmes).
  • These scholarships are based on the published fees for 2021/22 for international applicants and cannot be used in conjunction with any other scholarship, fee discount or partnership discounts offered by the College. 

Application Deadline:May 2021

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