University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen January Intake

January 2017 Courses

University of Aberdeen January Intake

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is currently ranked at 188 in the world(THE Ranking). The University offers first class learning resources situated in a beautiful campus. At the main campus you will find ancient buildings side by side with modern, newly refurbished laboratories, excellent computing facilities and the latest library technology. Social and sporting facilities are of a high standard with over 150 sports clubs and societies available for students to join.

University of Aberdeen is famous for its medicine, science, and engineering courses.

Check out the courses available for January 2017:

  Level Course  
1.UndergraduateChristian and Religious Studies Flexible Programme Certificate, Diploma, or BTh Theology (Distance), Certificate
2.PostgraduateAdvanced Structural Engineering, MSc
3.PostgraduateArchaeology of the North, ISS or MSc
4.PostgraduateBusiness Law and Sustainable Development with Dissertation, LLM
5.PostgraduateClinical Nutrition, MSc, PgCert or PgDip
6.PostgraduateCommunity Learning and Development, MEd or PgDip
7.PostgraduateCreative Writing, MLitt
8.PostgraduateCriminal Justice and Human Rights, LLM
9.PostgraduateCriminal Justice, LLM
10.PostgraduateDecommissioning, MSc or ISS
11.PostgraduateDigital Marketing Leadership, MSc, PgDip or PgCert
12.PostgraduateDispute Resolution, LLM, PgCert or PgDip
13.PostgraduateDLITE PGDE Primary, PGDE
14.PostgraduateDLITE PGDE Secondary, PGDE
15.PostgraduateEnergy and Environmental Law with Dissertation, LLM
16.PostgraduateEnergy and Environmental Law with Professional Skills, LLM
17.PostgraduateEnergy Law with Dissertation, LLM
18.PostgraduateEnergy Law with Professional Skills, LLM
19.PostgraduateEnglish Literary Studies, MLitt or ISS
20.PostgraduateEnvironmental Partnership Management, MSc
21.PostgraduateExecutive MBA (Delivered in London), MBA
22.PostgraduateFilm, Visual Culture and Arts Management, MLitt
23.PostgraduateFinance, MSc
24.PostgraduateGeneral Law, LLM or ISS
25.PostgraduateGeographical Information Systems, MSc
26.PostgraduateGeographical Information Systems, MSc (Part Time)
27.PostgraduateHuman Rights and Criminal Justice, LLM
28.PostgraduateHuman Rights, LLM
29.PostgraduateInclusive Practice, MEd, PgDip or PgCert
30.PostgraduateInformation Technology, MSc
31.PostgraduateInformation Technology, MSc or ISS
32.PostgraduateIntellectual Property Law with Professional Skills, LLM
33.PostgraduateIntellectual Property Law, LLM
34.PostgraduateInternational Business and Finance, MSc
35.PostgraduateInternational Business Management, MSc
36.PostgraduateInternational Commercial Law with Dissertation, LLM
37.PostgraduateInternational Commercial Law with Professional Skills, LLM
38.PostgraduateInternational Law, LLM
39.PostgraduateInternational Relations, MSc
40.PostgraduateInternational Trade Law and Treaty Negotiation with Professional Skills, LLM (Blended Learning)
41.PostgraduateInternational Trade Law, LLM (On Campus Learning)
42.PostgraduateInternational Trade Law, LLM (Online Learning)
43.PostgraduateLeadership in Professional Contexts, MSc, PgCert or PgDip
44.PostgraduateMasters in Education, MEd, PgDip or PgCert
45.PostgraduateMBA (Global), MBA
46.PostgraduateMBA Energy Management, MBA
47.PostgraduateMBA, MBA
48.PostgraduateMindfulness Professional Recognition, ISS
49.PostgraduateMinistry Studies (Aberdeen), MTh
50.PostgraduateMuseum Studies, MLitt
51.PostgraduateOil and Gas Chemistry, MSc
52.PostgraduateOil and Gas Engineering, MSc
53.PostgraduateOil and Gas Engineering, MSc or ISS
54.PostgraduateOil and Gas Enterprise Management, MSc
55.PostgraduateOil and Gas Law with Dissertation, LLM
56.PostgraduateOil and Gas Law with Dissertation, LLM (Online Learning)
57.PostgraduateOil and Gas Structural Engineering, MSc or ISS
58.PostgraduatePastoral Care, Guidance & Pupil Support, MEd, PgDip or PgCert
59.PostgraduatePetroleum Engineering, MSc
60.PostgraduatePetroleum Engineering, MSc or ISS
61.PostgraduatePrivate International Law, LLM
62.PostgraduateProject Management, MSc or ISS
63.PostgraduatePublic International Law, LLM
64.PostgraduateRenewable Energy Engineering, MSc or ISS
65.PostgraduateResearch Methods For Health, PgCert
66.PostgraduateSafety and Reliability Engineering for Oil and Gas, MSc or ISS
67.PostgraduateSafety and Reliability Engineering, MSc or ISS
68.PostgraduateScottish Heritage, MLitt
69.PostgraduateSocial Research, MRes, PgDip or PgCert
70.PostgraduateSociology, MSc or ISS
71.PostgraduateSpecial Care Dentistry, MSc, PgCert or PgDip
72.PostgraduateStrategic Studies and Energy Security, MSc
73.PostgraduateStrategic Studies and Management, MSc
74.PostgraduateStrategic Studies, MSc, PgDip or ISS
75.PostgraduateSubsea Engineering, MSc or ISS


Carla Termini さん、キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン

  • グラスゴー大学 留学
  • ケント大学 留学
  • オックスフォード大学 留学
  • イースト・アングリア大学 留学
  • LSE 留学
  • キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン 留学
  • リバプール大学 留学