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Sheffield Hallam University January Intake

January 2017 Courses

Sheffield Hallam University January Intake

Become a global graduate at Sheffield Hallam University, one of the most popular universities in the UK. Join a community of over 34,000 students from more than 100 countries and make friends and business contacts from all over the world. Study in Sheffield, a safe, welcoming and vibrant city where one in every 10 residents is a student. The city is also centrally located, just over two hours from London and one hour from Manchester by train.

International students at Sheffield Hallam benefit from:

  • Practical education with many opportunities for work experience
  • Strong links with business, industry, professional bodies and the public sector
  • Access to some of the most advanced learning, teaching and IT facilities in the UK
  • Excellent student experience with lots of activities and events for you to enjoy, to make friends and get the most out of your time at university
  • Lower cost of living compared to other major UK cities

Check out the courses available for January 2017:


  Level Course  
1.FoundationInternational Foundation Programme: Art, Design and Media
2.FoundationInternational Foundation Programme: Business, Law and Social Sciences
3.FoundationInternational Foundation Programme: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)
4.UndergraduateBA (Honours) Accounting and Finance for International Business (1 year top-up)
5.UndergraduateBA (Honours) Accounting and Finance for International Business (2 year top-up)
6.PostgraduateExecutive MBA Industrial Management Part-time
7.PostgraduateLLM Applied Human Rights
8.PostgraduateLLM Applied Human Rights Part-time
9.PostgraduateLLM International Sports Law in Practice Distance learning
10.PostgraduateMA Applied Human Rights
11.PostgraduateMA Applied Human Rights Part-time
12.PostgraduateMA Digital Media Management
13.PostgraduateMA Professional Practice in Education Part-time
15.PostgraduateMBA Industrial Management
16.PostgraduateMBA MBA Master of Business Administration Part-time
17.PostgraduateMSc Accounting and Finance
18.PostgraduateMSc Accounting and Finance (Fast track)
19.PostgraduateMSc Accounting and Finance Part-time
20.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Clinical Practice Musculoskeletal Management Part-time
21.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Clinical Practice Part-time
22.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Engineering
23.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Engineering and Management
24.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Engineering and Management Part-time
25.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Engineering Part-time
26.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Materials Engineering
27.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Materials Engineering Part-time
28.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering
29.PostgraduateMSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering Part-time
30.PostgraduateMSc Automation Control and Robotics
31.PostgraduateMSc Automation Control and Robotics Part-time
32.PostgraduateMSc Banking and Finance
33.PostgraduateMSc Banking and Finance Part-time
34.PostgraduateMSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
35.PostgraduateMSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering Part-time
36.PostgraduateMSc Enhanced Diagnostic Imaging Practice Distance learning
37.PostgraduateMSc Enhanced Radiotherapy and Oncology Practice Distance learning
38.PostgraduateMSc Finance and Investment
39.PostgraduateMSc Finance and Investment Part-time
40.PostgraduateMSc Financial Management
41.PostgraduateMSc Financial Management (Fast track)
42.PostgraduateMSc Financial Management Part-time
43.PostgraduateMSc Geographical Information Systems
44.PostgraduateMSc Geographical Information Systems Part-time
45.PostgraduateMSc Health and Social Care Education
46.PostgraduateMSc Health and Social Care Education Distance learning
47.PostgraduateMSc Health and Social Care Education Part-time
48.PostgraduateMSc International Business Management
49.PostgraduateMSc International Events and Conference Management
50.PostgraduateMSc International Events and Conference Management Part-time
51.PostgraduateMSc International Hospitality and Tourism Management
52.PostgraduateMSc International Hospitality Management
53.PostgraduateMSc International Human Resource Management
54.PostgraduateMSc International Marketing
55.PostgraduateMSc International Tourism Management
56.PostgraduateMSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management
57.PostgraduateMSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management Part-time
58.PostgraduateMSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management with Work Placement
59.PostgraduateMSc Nursing (Public Health) Distance learning
60.PostgraduateMSc Nursing Studies Part-time
61.PostgraduateMSc Pharmacology and Biotechnology
62.PostgraduateMSc Pharmacology and Biotechnology Part-time
63.PostgraduateMSc Physiotherapy (Pre-Registration)
64.PostgraduateMSc Prostate Cancer Care Distance learning
65.PostgraduateMSc Radiotherapy and Oncology in Practice
66.PostgraduateMSc Radiotherapy Planning Practice Distance learning
67.PostgraduateMSc Specialist Physiotherapy Practice Distance learning
68.PostgraduateMSc Specialist Physiotherapy Practice Part-time
69.PostgraduateMSc Sport Business Management
70.PostgraduateMSc Supportive, Palliative and End of Life Care Distance learning
71.PostgraduateMSc Vocational Rehabilitation Distance learning
72.PostgraduateMSc Wealth Management
73.PostgraduateMSc Wealth Management Part-time
74.PostgraduatePgCert Cooperative Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Part-time
75.PostgraduatePgCert Professional Practice in Digital Teaching and Learning Distance learning
76.PostgraduatePgCert Teaching in Higher Education Part-time
77.ResearchEDD Doctor of Education Part-time
78.ResearchMPhil Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre
79.ResearchMPhil Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre Part-time
80.ResearchMPhil Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers
81.ResearchMPhil Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers Part-time
82.ResearchMPhil Computing and Informatics
83.ResearchMPhil Computing and Informatics Part-time
84.ResearchMPhil Education
85.ResearchMPhil Education Part-time
86.ResearchMPhil English
87.ResearchMPhil English Part-time
88.ResearchMPhil Fine Art and Design
89.ResearchMPhil Fine Art and Design Part-time
90.ResearchMPhil Health and Social Care
91.ResearchMPhil Health and Social Care Part-time
92.ResearchMPhil History
93.ResearchMPhil History Part-time
94.ResearchMPhil Law and Criminology
95.ResearchMPhil Law and Criminology Part-time
96.ResearchMPhil Materials and Fluid Flow Modelling
97.ResearchMPhil Materials and Fluid Flow Modelling Part-time
98.ResearchMPhil Materials Science and Engineering
99.ResearchMPhil Materials Science and Engineering Part-time
100.ResearchMPhil Media and Communications
101.ResearchMPhil Media and Communications Part-time
102.ResearchMPhil Natural and Built Environment
103.ResearchMPhil Natural and Built Environment Part-time
104.ResearchMPhil Plasma Surface Engineering
105.ResearchMPhil Plasma Surface Engineering Part-time
106.ResearchMPhil Robotics
107.ResearchMPhil Robotics Part-time
108.ResearchMPhil Sport and Physical Activity
109.ResearchMPhil Sport and Physical Activity Part-time
110.ResearchMPhil Stage and Screen
111.ResearchMPhil Stage and Screen Part-time
112.ResearchMRes Business Part-time
113.ResearchPHD Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre
114.ResearchPHD Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre Part-time
115.ResearchPHD Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research
116.ResearchPHD Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research Part-time
117.ResearchPHD Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers
118.ResearchPHD Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers Part-time
119.ResearchPHD Computing and Informatics
120.ResearchPHD Computing and Informatics Part-time
121.ResearchPHD Education
122.ResearchPHD Education Part-time
123.ResearchPHD English
124.ResearchPHD English Part-time
125.ResearchPHD Fine Art and Design
126.ResearchPHD Fine Art and Design Part-time
127.ResearchPHD Health and Social Care
128.ResearchPHD Health and Social Care Part-time
129.ResearchPHD History
130.ResearchPHD History Part-time
131.ResearchPHD Law and Criminology
132.ResearchPHD Law and Criminology Part-time
133.ResearchPHD Materials and Fluid Flow Modelling
134.ResearchPHD Materials and Fluid Flow Modelling Part-time
135.ResearchPHD Materials Science and Engineering
136.ResearchPHD Materials Science and Engineering Part-time
137.ResearchPHD Media and Communications
138.ResearchPHD Media and Communications Part-time
139.ResearchPHD Natural and Built Environment
140.ResearchPHD Natural and Built Environment Part-time
141.ResearchPHD Plasma Surface Engineering
142.ResearchPHD Plasma Surface Engineering Part-time
143.ResearchPHD Politics
144.ResearchPHD Politics Part-time
145.ResearchPHD Psychology
146.ResearchPHD Psychology Part-time
147.ResearchPHD Robotics
148.ResearchPHD Robotics Part-time
149.ResearchPHD Sheffield Business School (Management, Finance, Service Sector)
150.ResearchPHD Sheffield Business School (Management, Finance, Service Sector) Part-time
151.ResearchPHD Sociology
152.ResearchPHD Sociology Part-time
153.ResearchPHD Sport and Physical Activity
154.ResearchPHD Sport and Physical Activity Part-time
155.ResearchPHD Stage and Screen
156.ResearchPHD Stage and Screen Part-time


Carla Termini さん、キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン

  • グラスゴー大学 留学
  • ケント大学 留学
  • オックスフォード大学 留学
  • イースト・アングリア大学 留学
  • LSE 留学
  • キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン 留学
  • リバプール大学 留学