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London Metropolitan University January Intake

January 2017 Courses

London Metropolitan University January Intake

The University also has a strong culture of research. Over two-thirds of the research submitted to the most recent Research Assessment Exercise was judged to be “internationally recognised”, “internationally excellent” or “world-leading”. Many of these expert researchers will be leading your lectures, as will employers and professionals with extensive real-world experience. They will be supported by an excellent network of guest speakers and mentors from the industry, making sure you get the best possible guidance.

Check out the courses available for January 2017:

  Level Course  
1.FoundationArchitecture and Interior Design Extended Degree (with Foundation Year) - BA (Hons)
2.FoundationArt and Design Extended Degree (with Foundation Year) - BA (Hons)
3.FoundationCommunity Development and Youth Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) - BSc (Hons)
4.FoundationCreative Writing and English Literature Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) - BA (Hons)
5.FoundationCriminology, Policing and Law Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) - BSc (Hons)
6.FoundationEarly Childhood Studies Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) - BA (Hons)
7.FoundationEducation Studies Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) - BA (Hons)
8.FoundationFashion and Textiles Extended Degree (with Foundation Year) - BA (Hons)
9.FoundationFilm, Photography and Media Extended Degree (with Foundation Year) - BA (Hons)
10.FoundationInternational Relations and Politics Extended Degree (including Foundation Year) - BA (Hons)
11.FoundationSocial Work Extended Degree (Including Foundation Year) - BSc (Hons)
12.UndergraduateAccounting and Finance - BA (Hons)
13.UndergraduateAccounting and Finance (Extended Degree) - BA (Hons)
14.UndergraduateAirline, Airport and Aviation Management - BSc (Hons)
15.UndergraduateBiochemistry Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
16.UndergraduateBiological Sciences Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
17.UndergraduateBiology of Infectious Disease Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
18.UndergraduateBiomedical Science Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
19.UndergraduateBusiness Management - BA (Hons)
20.UndergraduateBusiness Management (Extended Degree) - BA (Hons)
21.UndergraduateBusiness Management and Marketing - BA (Hons)
22.UndergraduateCIM Certificate in Professional Marketing - Certificate
23.UndergraduateComputer Network Engineering Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
24.UndergraduateComputing Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
25.UndergraduateComputing, Technology and Mathematics Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
26.UndergraduateCriminology - BSc (Hons)
27.UndergraduateCriminology and International Security - BA (Hons)
28.UndergraduateCriminology and Policing - BSc (Hons)
29.UndergraduateCriminology and Psychology - BSc (Hons)
30.UndergraduateCriminology and Sociology - BSc (Hons)
31.UndergraduateCriminology and Youth Studies - BSc (Hons)
32.UndergraduateCyber Security Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
33.UndergraduateDigital Business Management - BSc (Hons)
34.UndergraduateDigital Media - BA (Hons)
35.UndergraduateDiplomacy and International Relations - BA (Hons)
36.UndergraduateEarly Childhood Studies - BA (Hons)
37.UndergraduateEducation Studies - BA (Hons)
38.UndergraduateFilm and Television Studies - BA (Hons)
39.UndergraduateForensic Science Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
40.UndergraduateGraphic Design - BA (Hons)
41.UndergraduateHealth and Social Care - BSc (Hons)
42.UndergraduateHerbal Medicinal Science (Top-Up) - BSc (Hons)
43.UndergraduateHuman Nutrition Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
44.UndergraduateInterior Architecture and Design - BA (Hons)
45.UndergraduateInternational Business Management - BSc (Hons)
46.UndergraduateInternational Relations - BA (Hons)
47.UndergraduateInternational Relations and Politics - BA (Hons)
48.UndergraduateInternational Relations with Arabic - BA (Hons)
49.UndergraduateInternational Relations with Languages - BA (Hons)
50.UndergraduateInternational Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies - BA (Hons)
51.UndergraduateLaw - BA (Hons)
52.UndergraduateLLB Law - (Hons)
53.UndergraduateMathematics Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
54.UndergraduateMedia and Communications - BSc (Hons)
55.UndergraduateMedical Bioscience Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
56.UndergraduatePharmacology Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
57.UndergraduatePolitics - BA (Hons)
58.UndergraduatePsychology - BSc (Hons)
59.UndergraduateSciences Extended Degree - (Biology, Chemistry, Health, Psychology) - BSc (Hons)
60.UndergraduateSocial Sciences and Humanities Extended Degree - BA (Hons)
61.UndergraduateSociety, Politics and Policy - BA (Hons)
62.UndergraduateSociology - BSc (Hons)
63.UndergraduateSociology and Social Policy - BSc (Hons)
64.UndergraduateSports Science Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
65.UndergraduateSports Therapy Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)
66.PostgraduateAddiction and Mental Health - MSc
67.PostgraduateBlood Science (Distance Learning) - MSc
68.PostgraduateChild and Adolescent Mental Health - MSc
69.PostgraduateComputer Networking and Cyber Security with Work Experience - MSc
70.PostgraduateCreative, Digital and Professional Writing - MA
71.PostgraduateCrime, Violence and Prevention - MSc
72.PostgraduateCriminology - MSc
73.PostgraduateData Analytics - MSc
74.PostgraduateDigital Media - MA
75.PostgraduateEducation - MA
76.PostgraduateEnglish Language Teaching (Distance Learning) - MA
77.PostgraduateFood Science - MSc
78.PostgraduateHealth and Social Care Management and Policy - MSc
79.PostgraduateHuman Nutrition (Public Health / Sports) - MSc
80.PostgraduateHuman Resource Management - PG Dip
81.PostgraduateHuman Rights and International Conflict - MA
82.PostgraduateInternational Banking and Finance - MSc
83.PostgraduateInternational Relations - MA
84.PostgraduateInternational Trade and Finance - MSc
85.PostgraduateLearning and Teaching in Higher Education - MA
86.PostgraduateManagement and Strategic Leadership (Top-Up) - MA
87.PostgraduateMaritime Law (Top-Up) (Distance Learning) - LLM
88.PostgraduateMaster of Business Administration - MBA
89.PostgraduateMaster of Philosophy - MPhil
90.PostgraduateMaster of Public Administration (MPA) - MA
91.PostgraduateMBA (Top Up) - MBA
92.PostgraduateMedical Genomics - MSc
93.PostgraduateOrganised Crime and Global Security - MA
94.PostgraduatePeace, Conflict and Diplomacy - MA
95.PostgraduatePharmaceutical Science and Drug Delivery Systems - MSc
96.PostgraduatePolitical Violence and Radicalisation Studies - MSc
97.PostgraduatePublic Health - MSc
98.PostgraduateSafeguarding and Security - MA
99.PostgraduateSocial Work - MSc
100.PostgraduateTeaching - MA
101.PostgraduateTeaching Languages (Arabic) - MA
102.PostgraduateTeaching Languages (English) - MA
103.PostgraduateWoman and Child Abuse - MA
104.ResearchDoctor of Philosophy - MPhil / Phd
105.ResearchMaster of Philosophy - MPhil
106.ResearchPolicing, Security and Community Safety - Prof Doc


Carla Termini さん、キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン

  • グラスゴー大学 留学
  • ケント大学 留学
  • オックスフォード大学 留学
  • イースト・アングリア大学 留学
  • LSE 留学
  • キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン 留学
  • リバプール大学 留学