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Anglia Ruskin University January Intake

January 2017 Courses

Anglia Ruskin University January Intake

Anglia Ruskin University has three modern main campuses in Chelmsford, Cambridge and Peterborough, all less than one hour away from London. Originated in 1858, Anglia Ruskin received university status in the year 1992. A truly diverse university with students from over 177 countries. Anglia Ruskin also stands at 11 ranking for student satisfaction with 91% students satisfied with their courses. 

Check out the courses available for January 2017:

  Level Course  
1.FoundationBusiness and Events Management with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
2.FoundationBusiness and Healthcare Management with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
3.FoundationBusiness and Hospitality Management with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
4.FoundationBusiness and Human Resource Management with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
5.FoundationBusiness and Law with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
6.FoundationBusiness and Marketing with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
7.FoundationBusiness and Tourism Management with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
8.FoundationFinance and Accounting with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
9.FoundationHealth and Social Care with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
10.FoundationInternational Business Management with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
11.FoundationLaw and Accounting with Foundation Year - BSc (Hons)
12.UndergraduateAssistant Practitioner (Nursing) Higher Apprenticeship FdSc
13.UndergraduateBusiness and Events Management - BSc (Hons)
14.UndergraduateBusiness and Healthcare Management - BSc (Hons)
15.UndergraduateBusiness and Hospitality Management - BSc (Hons)
16.UndergraduateBusiness and Marketing - BSc (Hons)
17.UndergraduateBusiness and Tourism Management - BSc (Hons)
18.UndergraduateCharity and Social Enterprise Management (Part-time) - CertHE
19.UndergraduateChartered Manager - BA (Hons)
20.UndergraduateCommunity Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing) - BSc (Hons)
21.UndergraduateComputing and Information Systems - FdSc
22.UndergraduateCounselling and Psychotherapy (Top-Up) - BA (Hons)
23.UndergraduateCounselling and Psychotherapy (Top-Up) - Part-time - BA (Hons)
24.UndergraduateDigital Marketer Degree Apprenticeship - BSc (Hons)
25.UndergraduateEducation - BA (Hons)
26.UndergraduateEducation - Part Time - BA (Hons)
27.UndergraduateFinance and Accounting - BSc (Hons)
28.UndergraduateHealth and Social Care - BSc (Hons)
29.UndergraduateInternational Business Management - BSc (Hons)
30.UndergraduateLaw and Accounting - BSc (Hons)
31.UndergraduateManagement (Part-time) - BA (Hons)
32.UndergraduateManagement and Leadership in Health and Social Care (Top up) (Part-time) - BSc (Hons)
33.UndergraduateNursing - Adult - BSc (Hons)
34.UndergraduateNursing - Mental Health - BSc (Hons)
35.UndergraduateOphthalmic Dispensing FdSc Registerable Award (Part-time) - FdSc
36.PostgraduateAdvanced Clinical Practitioner Masters Degree Apprenticeship - MSc
37.PostgraduateAdvanced Midwifery Practice - MSc
38.PostgraduateCommunity Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing) - PG Dip
39.PostgraduateContemporary Ethics - MA
40.PostgraduateContemporary Faith and Belief - MA
41.PostgraduateCreative Writing and Publishing - MA
42.PostgraduateEarly Childhood Education - MA
43.PostgraduateElectronic and Electrical Engineering - MSc
44.PostgraduateEmergency Care - PG Cert
45.PostgraduateHealthcare Management - MBA
46.PostgraduateInternational Law - LLM
47.PostgraduateMaster of Business Administration - MBA
48.PostgraduateMaster of Business Administration with Placement Year - MBA
49.PostgraduateMedical and Healthcare Education - PG Cert
50.PostgraduatePastoral Care and Chaplaincy - MA
51.PostgraduateProfessional Social Work Practice - Step Up to Social Work - PG Dip
52.PostgraduateProject Management - MSc
53.PostgraduateSimulation in Medical and Healthcare Education - PG Cert
54.PostgraduateSpecial Educational Needs and Disability - MA
55.PostgraduateSpirituality - MA
56.PostgraduateSurgical Care Practice (Part-time) - MSc
57.ResearchProfessional Doctorate in Business and Management DBA


Carla Termini さん、キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン

  • グラスゴー大学 留学
  • ケント大学 留学
  • オックスフォード大学 留学
  • イースト・アングリア大学 留学
  • LSE 留学
  • キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン 留学
  • リバプール大学 留学