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Who are the University of Bristol?

"The University of Bristol has a long history of attracting the brightest and most gifted of individuals from across the world. Students come here to maximise their potential through our postgraduate taught and research programmes. They want to study alongside the absolute best in their field, in a supportive environment that challenges and stretches them, and which is recognised globally for its excellence.” Professor Sir Eric Thomas, Vice-Chancellor, University of Bristol.

As this academic year comes to an end, the University of Bristol still has a few spaces available for taught Masters programmes for the September 2014 start. Find details below:

Taught Masters Programmes for September 2014 Entry

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

MSc Molecular Neuroscience

The programme provides intensive training in the neurosciences as they relate to the physiologic function and behaviour of the organism and builds upon the broad research strengths of recognised scientists, particularly in the fields of basic and clinical neuroscience, molecular and cell biology, neuroendocrinology, behaviour, neurodegeneration and psychopharmacology.

MSc Reproduction and Development

This innovative MSc programme makes extensive use of the internet to provide a comprehensive theoretical foundation in the areas of human reproduction and development.

MSc Stem Cells and Regeneration

Using a creative distance-learning model, the programme delivers lectures, online discussions and assessments over the internet. This offers you more flexibility than traditional campus-based courses as you can study in your own environment.

MSc Translational Cardiovascular Medicine

This new programme aims to develop your interest in translational cardiovascular research and medicine and equip you with an enhanced knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of the current approaches and emerging research in this area. The programme is designed to appeal to a wide range of students including scientists and clinicians.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law

MSc Public Policy

This programme investigates the international public policy environment in terms of global political economy and the impact of business, voluntary sector and public policy agents in the field of multi-level governance. The programme encompasses both a theoretical understanding of the policy process and models of appraisal with a practical orientation to evaluating research evidence.

MSc Disability Studies: Inclusive Theory and Research 

This MSc research programme will equip you with the skills, knowledge and ability to plan and carry out academic research relevant to Disability Studies, with a particular emphasis on people with learning (intellectual) disabilities.

MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health

This programme focuses on the promotion and maintenance of diet and activity-related health and well-being of populations. There is a clear consensus that new professional and scientific needs are emerging in this field. This programme is one of the first to recognise this need and as such will contribute substantially towards higher level qualifications in this emerging area.

Science Faculty

MSc in Climate Change Science and Policy

Concern about global environmental change has never been greater. The University of Bristol's MSc in Climate Change Science and Policy trains highly skilled graduates for professional employment in the public and private sectors, academia, consultancies, and non-governmental/advocacy organisations.

MSc in Neuropsychology

This programme provides an opportunity to specialise in theoretical and practical aspects of neuropsychology. It aims to provide an integrated understanding of brain function, clinical neuropsychology, and neuropsychological techniques. The emphasis of this course is on the theoretical basis of the link between brain and behaviour, and the basic research methods to study this link.

MSc in Statistics

The MSc in Statistics aims to provide a bridge for strong students between undergraduate and PhD study, allowing an increase in the depth and breadth of understanding in a range of topics in statistics and probability, and developing overall research perspective and vision before finalising an area of research.

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