IELTS preparation course online

This online course will fully prepare you for the IELTS exam. You will have 6 months’ unlimited access to materials designed to practice reading, listening, writing and speaking. Study IELTS at your own pace!

Upon completion of the course, you can expect to:

  • Know what to expect on all four sections of the IELTS exam
  • Understand the strategies required to achieve a high score
  • Be able to answer effectively a variety of questions on common IELTS topics
  • Boost your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar

The online course is designed purely for self-study, so if you would like the additional benefits of practicing writing and speaking with feedback and guidance from an experienced IELTS teacher, why not take advantage of our combination packages? Private lessons can be conducted either via Skype or face to face. Please note that a Registration fee of 10,800 yen (tax included) is required for initial registration.


CourseLevelLesson DurationLesson Package DurationPrice
IELTS Online Any   6 months 32000 (Tax excluded)Yen
IELTS Online
+ 5 private lessons
Any 1 private lesson = 1 hour 6 months 72000 (Tax excluded)Yen
IELTS Online
+ 10 private lessons
Any 1 private lesson = 1 hour 6 months 102000 (Tax excluded)Yen

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中元 明里さん エクセター大学 MBA

  • グラスゴー大学 留学
  • ケント大学 留学
  • オックスフォード大学 留学
  • イースト・アングリア大学 留学
  • LSE 留学
  • キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン 留学
  • キングス・カレッジ・ロンドン 留学
  • リバプール大学 留学
  • バーミンガム大学
  • バーミンガム大学