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IELTS Practice Test

Register for your IELTS practice test in Tokyo and Osaka.

IELTS Practice Test

The IELTS Practice Test enables our teaching staff to assess your current level of English before study begins. You will be scored on each individual IELTS module – reading, writing, speaking and listening – to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

How does the IELTS Practice Test work? Because of the importance that the IELTS test carries with universities, it is advisable that you are as prepared as possible for the course ahead, and the IELTS Practice Test allows us to address where you need to improve and how.

  • Tested on reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Lasts 3 hours
  • Results within 24 hours

*Please note that any grades received are an approximation only and may differ from your official test score, and that the test will be a previous paper, marked by teachers, not examiners, according to the public grading criteria which are not exactly the same as that used by IELTS examiners. 

When can I take my IELTS Practice Test?

To take your IELTS Practice Test, register for IELTS classes at your nearest SI-UK Japan office.

  • Study at Glasgow
  • Study at Kent
  • Study at Oxford
  • Study at UEA
  • Study at LSE
  • Study at Kings
  • Study at Liverpool